Reengineering Customer Processes

Improving processes that touch customers presents special challenges. Measuring process performance can’t be limited to the usual key indicators of time, cost, and quality. Customer sentiment is important and can easily be measured by Net Promoter Score. Process practitioners can bring useful tools, such as customer journey maps and change management to the table. At … [Read more…]

3 Process Breakthroughs

Last month 20 process innovators, transformational leaders, and change agents joined us in Miami to share experiences and discuss research results at an FCB Community meeting. As part of the conversation, organizations shared experiences they have recently had in successfully implementing process breakthroughs. Here are three examples: 1. Order Fulfillment Streamlined – A telecommunications company … [Read more…]

10 Innovative Business Experiments

Last month 20 process innovators, transformational leaders, and change agents got together in Miami to share experiences and discuss research results. A primary topic of discussion was successful innovation and the role of experimentation in creating that success. Participants discussed ideas for experiments they are running or considering and the hypotheses they are testing. Here … [Read more…]

How to Prioritize Your Innovation Budget

A problem has come up with one of your supply chain vendors, threatening to delay timely shipment of your product. At the same time, a potential opportunity appears that, with some exploration and investment, could lead to a new generation of products down the road. Which do you respond to first? You probably reach for… … [Read more…]

Reengineering for the Next Twenty Years

In a recent FCB Webinar, I asked Jim Champy, co-author, with Dr. Michael Hammer, of Reengineering the Corporation, how he sees legacy organizations addressing today’s dramatic changes in technology. What new business models are emerging? What are companies doing to rethink strategy to better leverage technology? What trends should Process Owners be aware of? Here’s his … [Read more…]

A Forward/Backward Look at Reengineering

How has the need for and approach to reengineering changed today? How will it change in the future? What’s the same and what’s different 25 years after Reengineering the Corporation was published? I asked Jim Champy, co-author with Dr. Michael Hammer of Reengineering the Corporation, what he is seeing and he told me that reengineering … [Read more…]

Will Your Organization Create Platforms or Take Advantage of Them?

How Watson Changed IBM IBM, a company with a long and successful tradition of internally focused R&D activities, is adapting to the new world of creating platforms and enabling open innovation. Rather than keep Watson (the computer that won the Jeopardy game on TV) locked up in their research labs, they decided to release it to … [Read more…]

Engaging Leaders in Process Innovation

Where does process improvement sit on the agenda of your senior leaders? Is it getting the attention you think it deserves? Do you have competing process improvement groups in your company? I recently interviewed a real, but anonymous, Director of Global Processes at a multi-national company about the ongoing issue of securing executive sponsorship and … [Read more…]

Balance Big Process Improvement and Small Process Improvement

What should be the relationship between Big Process Improvement (changes to the six to ten top level processes in an enterprise process model) and Small Process Improvement (incremental continuous improvement at the dozens of smaller processes, using Lean Six Sigma techniques)? As many companies look at global process management, often related to a big enterprise … [Read more…]

Have You Seen Applications of Lean Startup Practices?

As the world becomes more digitized, generating more information surrounding products and services and speeding up processes, large and small companies in every industry, even manufacturing, are starting to compete more like the software industry, with short product lifecycles and rapid decision-making. GE has responded to this drive for speed and need to align more … [Read more…]