Get out of the fix-it foxhole

You’ve worked for years to reduce cost through operational excellence. It’s a worthwhile endeavor, but is it enough? These days, customers need more. Leaders expect more. Meanwhile your team is fighting yesterday’s battles from their fix-it foxholes. Operational excellence is necessary, but not sufficient, in today’s world. The new best practice is operational agility. And … [Read more…]

Change Leaders in the News

It’s a tough time for change leaders in established businesses. There’s every reason for people in their organizations to stay the course. Most businesses are structured to reinforce the status quo:  Job descriptions, functional organizations, reporting relationships, budgets, and performance measures work together to focus time, attention, and resources. There’s little incentive to change. But … [Read more…]

Smart Phones Killing Off Fashion Week

Today is the first day of Fashion Week in New York. Industry players from around the world get a first-hand view of the new designs. Top designers try to get fashion-forward writers to promote their latest lines. Top retailers send their top buyers to decide what will sell. A great industry, some top notch players, … [Read more…]

A Checklist for Getting Buy-In: 1% Persuasion, 99% Execution

Do you find it difficult to get time, attention, and resources from the top team in your organization? Is IT charging ahead with systems before considering the business process? Do local managers bypass the process when they’re stressed or just when it suits them? Then you’ve got a problem with buy-in. They aren’t taking you … [Read more…]

Tool #6: Decide on the Destination before Mapping the Journey

You’ve been asked to lead a process improvement project and you’re not sure what’s expected. And that’s a risk. Just ask Lewis Carroll: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” asked Alice. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cheshire Cat. What’s … [Read more…]

The Process Owner’s Dilemma

At FCB, we’re often called on to explain how process owners can be held accountable for performance when they have few resources and no power, nothing but the title and their own best intentions. It’s the Process Owner’s Dilemma – influence without authority. And it’s a problem for process leaders and professionals worldwide. Most people … [Read more…]

Time to Start Planning for 2015: 100 Days and Counting

While leading an in-house workshop on Process Governance and Planning in the Midwest a last month, I overheard two executives during a break. “By November I’ll have my 2015 plan, budget, and headcount. Once I know my capabilities, I can get to work on goals and reach out to customers.” It sounded practical, given what … [Read more…]