3 Process Breakthroughs

Last month 20 process innovators, transformational leaders, and change agents joined us in Miami to share experiences and discuss research results at an FCB Community meeting. As part of the conversation, organizations shared experiences they have recently had in successfully implementing process breakthroughs. Here are three examples: 1. Order Fulfillment Streamlined – A telecommunications company … [Read more…]

10 Rules, 10 Tools

Many of us aspire to dramatically improve performance by transforming our organizations. The mission is ‘big change, fast’, also known as reengineering. As change agents we’re committed to success but often overwhelmed with the magnitude and complexity of the task. Here’s a set of guidelines based on years of experience – rules and tools you … [Read more…]

10 Innovative Business Experiments

Last month 20 process innovators, transformational leaders, and change agents got together in Miami to share experiences and discuss research results. A primary topic of discussion was successful innovation and the role of experimentation in creating that success. Participants discussed ideas for experiments they are running or considering and the hypotheses they are testing. Here … [Read more…]

Your Job Is to Improve Your Job

There have always been two camps in the world of process improvement, the Changers and the Changees. The Changers have typically been process redesigners, Belts of various colors, or consultants. The Changees were the performers who executed the process designs. In other words, we’ve professionalized process change. Some of this partitioning of roles was undoubtedly … [Read more…]

Traffic Jams, Screen Zombies, and the Mystery of $5 Bill

Predicting the future is tricky. In the ongoing battle between the “Whirlwind of Today” and “Investing for Tomorrow”, “Today” wins. Not only because it’s more immediate, but also because it’s more knowable and more certain. This unpredictability is one of the factors that constrain innovation funding in many organizations. The Sci-Fi writer Isaac Asimov once … [Read more…]

Only a Process Can Prevent Project-itis (Part Three)

(Pra-jek-ty-tis) – A well-intended dysfunction characterized by an un-managed and chaotic change frenzy. Symptoms include: Uncounted numbers of uncoordinated change projects (no rules) Insufficiently staffed process projects (unmatched supply and demand) Un-prioritized, un-coordinated, and un-tracked change initiatives (diffused accountabilities) Limited post-project learning reviews (no time to stop, everyone’s on to the next project) Project-itis is … [Read more…]

How to Prioritize Your Innovation Budget

A problem has come up with one of your supply chain vendors, threatening to delay timely shipment of your product. At the same time, a potential opportunity appears that, with some exploration and investment, could lead to a new generation of products down the road. Which do you respond to first? You probably reach for… … [Read more…]

Time to Start Planning for 2015: 100 Days and Counting

While leading an in-house workshop on Process Governance and Planning in the Midwest a last month, I overheard two executives during a break. “By November I’ll have my 2015 plan, budget, and headcount. Once I know my capabilities, I can get to work on goals and reach out to customers.” It sounded practical, given what … [Read more…]

A Forward/Backward Look at Reengineering

How has the need for and approach to reengineering changed today? How will it change in the future? What’s the same and what’s different 25 years after Reengineering the Corporation was published? I asked Jim Champy, co-author with Dr. Michael Hammer of Reengineering the Corporation, what he is seeing and he told me that reengineering … [Read more…]

Will Your Organization Create Platforms or Take Advantage of Them?

How Watson Changed IBM IBM, a company with a long and successful tradition of internally focused R&D activities, is adapting to the new world of creating platforms and enabling open innovation. Rather than keep Watson (the computer that won the Jeopardy game on TV) locked up in their research labs, they decided to release it to … [Read more…]