Get out of the fix-it foxhole

You’ve worked for years to reduce cost through operational excellence. It’s a worthwhile endeavor, but is it enough?

These days, customers need more. Leaders expect more. Meanwhile your team is fighting yesterday’s battles from their fix-it foxholes.

Operational excellence is necessary, but not sufficient, in today’s world. The new best practice is operational agility. And it’s showing up in four distinct areas:

Agile Innovation: Internal focus diminishes customer experience allowing innovative disruptors to seize advantages by providing new digital solutions. Customers demand new forms of value. Agile Innovation offers new opportunities for creating and capitalizing on customer value.

Agile Fulfillment: Old roles and systems add waste, complexity, and time to the value chain. What needs to be simple is hard, and what should be fast, slow. But customers expect every experience to be easy. Agile fulfillment optimizes the entire ecosystem.

Agile Capability: Enterprise assets have become bureaucratic liabilities. You limit investment in data, capabilities, and relationships, but performance suffers. Agile capability, powered by adequate investment, results in competitive advantage.

Agile Planning: Powerful fiefdoms enable destructive fragmentation as operating units define success locally. Agile planning provides smart governance to balance multi-dimensional needs across the enterprise.

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