Seriously, How’s Your Process Really Performing? (Part One)

How can you assess the health and performance of your process? This is a question we hear in all of our courses. In Process Redesign, the focus is on improving the performance; in Process Owners in Action, a process owner may be more focused on the health of his or her process; in Leading Transformation, … [Read more…]

Resolving Ambiguity: A Case of RACI

Despite the superficial simplicity of the organizational chart, businesses are complex entities. There’s no one way of doing anything and the organization’s scope and scale can be subdivided in many different ways. Each is guaranteed to pull in a different direction. Every organization of scale aligns decision-making and resource power across multiple axes: functional groups, … [Read more…]

Tool #6: Decide on the Destination before Mapping the Journey

You’ve been asked to lead a process improvement project and you’re not sure what’s expected. And that’s a risk. Just ask Lewis Carroll: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” asked Alice. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cheshire Cat. What’s … [Read more…]

What Every Process Owner Needs to Know

As leaders accountable for process performance, PO’s operate without traditional forms of organizational power. They can’t fire anyone, don’t control budget, and don’t manage front-line performers. To be successful, Process Owners must operate through capability and influence. And that means that skill development is critical. First comes behavior – systems thinking, ambition, pragmatism, and other … [Read more…]

Enterprise Transformation Begins with Expertise in Process Design

You’ve been asked to streamline a process and you’ve reached a major stage gate. If you’re Six Sigma you know that Define, Measure, and Analyze are over, and Improve is about to begin. Or if you’re Hammer-trained in the Process Redesign course, you’re moving from Diagnosis to Redesign. After mobilizing a team, you trained them … [Read more…]

The Best Change Management Tool Ever

Everyone who has participated in organizational change projects knows that people problems are the source of most failures. Process projects always operate on two parallel tracks: precise logical design and organic social dynamics. And that’s where most projects get derailed. In the face of resistance to change, many process, IT, and even change management professionals … [Read more…]

All Aboard for the Customer Journey

The Customer Journey is a concept that’s gaining steam. Organizations that thought they were customer-centric are finding out they’re not. What’s missing? What would make ‘customer focus’ more than a cliché? First, an acknowledgement of disconnects: Between their selling process and the customers’ buying/ordering process, their billing and the customers’ paying, their production and the … [Read more…]

Reengineering Customer Processes

Improving processes that touch customers presents special challenges. Measuring process performance can’t be limited to the usual key indicators of time, cost, and quality. Customer sentiment is important and can easily be measured by Net Promoter Score. Process practitioners can bring useful tools, such as customer journey maps and change management to the table. At … [Read more…]

Spotlight on Tools: Enterprise Process Model

Everyone knows that process improvement begins with an analysis of the current state. But without a top-down framework defining an organization’s high level processes, all you have is a representation of low-level tasks in isolation. There’s no line of sight to the downstream customer, no link to the upstream supplier, no business context. While it’s … [Read more…]

3 Process Breakthroughs

Last month 20 process innovators, transformational leaders, and change agents joined us in Miami to share experiences and discuss research results at an FCB Community meeting. As part of the conversation, organizations shared experiences they have recently had in successfully implementing process breakthroughs. Here are three examples: 1. Order Fulfillment Streamlined – A telecommunications company … [Read more…]