Smart Phones Killing Off Fashion Week

Today is the first day of Fashion Week in New York. Industry players from around the world get a first-hand view of the new designs. Top designers try to get fashion-forward writers to promote their latest lines. Top retailers send their top buyers to decide what will sell. A great industry, some top notch players, … [Read more…]

A Checklist for Getting Buy-In: 1% Persuasion, 99% Execution

Do you find it difficult to get time, attention, and resources from the top team in your organization? Is IT charging ahead with systems before considering the business process? Do local managers bypass the process when they’re stressed or just when it suits them? Then you’ve got a problem with buy-in. They aren’t taking you … [Read more…]

The Disciplines of a Process Scorecard

We’re now in the digital era, with data available almost everywhere. On the one hand that’s positive, because all this information makes feedback easier. On the other hand, data overload complicates the already difficult task of process measurement. Many organizations now have an abundance of data sources that can possibly illuminate their process’s performance. But … [Read more…]

Don’t Implement, Experiment!

A fundamental change is happening right now in the way smart organizations execute change. Rather than the Big Bang (or the Big Bungle as it’s sometimes called) or the slow two-year march into oblivion, or piecemeal evolution, we‘re seeing a dramatic new approach to change – business experimentation. Of course, experimentation is not new at … [Read more…]

The Urgent vs. the Important

At a recent client visit, I heard the following two phrases repeatedly: “Everything here is Urgent” “Other departments’ emergencies keep interrupting my work” I suspect that both of these refrains are heard in many other organizations as well. The non-stop busy-ness and turbulence of the contemporary workplace is full of stop-and-starts and unplanned, but critical, … [Read more…]

Close Your Gap: A Drama in Five Acts

At one of our recent courses, an attendee asked: “I have current performance data, but I don’t know if it’s good or bad performance. How can I tell?” This is a superficially simple question. But it has significant implications, many of which we address in our courses: How to introduce process mindset and behaviors –  … [Read more…]

Best Practice in Process Standardization

Business leaders, committed to operational excellence, often struggle with the issue of standardization: What performance standards are desirable, and which just get in the way? How should a process leader set and enforce standards? How should a redesign team deal with a lack of compliance to standards? ‘Streamline and Standardize’ are easy to say, but … [Read more…]

It Takes an Enterprise (Part Two)

What are the conditions for process success? There are two ways to answer this question, one inside the process itself and one in the external process environment. Within a given process are a number of performance drivers such as design, purpose, and process accountability. Collectively, these are the essential indicators of future process performance. But … [Read more…]

Seriously, How’s Your Process Really Performing? (Part One)

How can you assess the health and performance of your process? This is a question we hear in all of our courses. In Process Redesign, the focus is on improving the performance; in Process Owners in Action, a process owner may be more focused on the health of his or her process; in Leading Transformation, … [Read more…]

Resolving Ambiguity: A Case of RACI

Despite the superficial simplicity of the organizational chart, businesses are complex entities. There’s no one way of doing anything and the organization’s scope and scale can be subdivided in many different ways. Each is guaranteed to pull in a different direction. Every organization of scale aligns decision-making and resource power across multiple axes: functional groups, … [Read more…]