Has your role in managing IT changed during your career?

How “IT Changes the Way You Compete” is the same in many ways today as it was 30 years ago, as new waves of innovative technology wash over organizations. What’s different today is that these successive waves of tech applications have left every organization with a critical core of digital capabilities. Now that IT is … [Read more…]

Border Wars

Every organization has boundaries, and every organization has boundary problems. It’s likely you have boundary problems too. It’s at the interface of these boundaries that costs and time pile up and clog customer responsiveness and add unnecessary costs. It’s at the boundaries that organizational misalignment is most apparent and most dysfunctional. These two stories illustrate … [Read more…]

The Triumph of Today over Tomorrow: Part I of a Mini-Series

150 emails a day… That’s what most of the respondents in our research deal with every day. Many of these messages are valuable–connecting the dots across complex global organizations. But many are a total waste of time: huge CYA distribution lists, cryptic jargon, clever spam that eludes firewalls, and bits of accurate, but irrelevant, data. … [Read more…]

Smashing Boundaries for Fun and Profit

Walls represent expensive fragmentation Whether it’s the boundaries between functions, across businesses, between processes, or across organizational entities, all of these walls represent expensive fragmentation. At its most basic, breaking down internal walls and integrating work is the essence of process redesign. At the next Hammer Forum we’ll be exploring alignment across boundaries in situations such … [Read more…]

Make Your Oganization Anti-Fragile

“Large, successful organizations tend to be fragile. They don’t like volatility, randomness, uncertainty, disorder, errors, stressors, and chaos. Yet we are in a world where disruption and randomness are increasing. Organizations that gain from randomness will dominate, and organizations that are hurt by it will go away.” If you’re interested in how to build an organization … [Read more…]

Turning Customer Insights into Business Practice

Here’s a familiar story: Marketing develops customer insights. Marketing turns to Operations to translate the insights into action. But the discussion hits a wall because Operations so focused on getting work done they have no time to worry about customers. A few companies have found a way to bridge the gap. Our colleague Brad Power … [Read more…]

Understanding Customers Is Everyone’s Job

“Going to market effectively these days, no matter what business you’re in, means relating to customers as individuals — even if there are millions of them. The only way it can happen: marketing, IT, operations, and human resources functions must collaborate in unprecedented ways. As John Kennedy, vice president of corporate marketing at IBM, told … [Read more…]