Get out of the fix-it foxhole

You’ve worked for years to reduce cost through operational excellence. It’s a worthwhile endeavor, but is it enough? These days, customers need more. Leaders expect more. Meanwhile your team is fighting yesterday’s battles from their fix-it foxholes. Operational excellence is necessary, but not sufficient, in today’s world. The new best practice is operational agility. And … [Read more…]

Stop Whining, Start Redesigning

(With Frank Wander) Culture change is hard … takes too long … costs too much … On and on it goes. The complaints about culture never seem to end. Like the weather, everyone talks about it, yet few do anything real about it. The truth is you don’t need a weatherman to change culture. It’s been done many … [Read more…]

Process Productivity through Digital Transformation

Written with Michael Neece In my book, Smart Work: Why Organizations Full of Intelligent People Do So Many Dumb Things and What You Can Do About It, I discuss how leaders achieve quantum increases in productivity and avoid doing dumb things. Recent research reports have revealed a major paradox. Despite decades of massive investment in … [Read more…]

Paradigm Shifts for Operational Excellence

(Written with Michael Neece) Paradigm shift: A fundamental change in basic concepts and practices Thomas Kuhn, physicist and philosopher “When something changes by two degrees of magnitude, we need a new name” Michael Hammer, originator of business reengineering Hold on to your seat belt, we’re experiencing an unprecedented magnitude of simultaneous changes coming at us … [Read more…]

Nine Capabilities of a Digitized Process

(Michael McNees and Walter Popper contributed to this post)   Welcome to the post-ERP era. In this new era, single-purpose apps and enterprise systems can no longer meet the organization’s needs, and happily many organizations have grown intolerant of the old world of expensive software customization, inflexible apps, and data silos. New realities are exploding … [Read more…]

Presto … Process Digitization

Written with Michael Neece There’s lots of heat in the marketplace about digitization, but not a lot of light. The idea of digitization is appealing; it’s hard to resist.  Who can argue with the coming tsunami of a digitization that will inevitably transform mundane analog processes into high performance operating engines? But getting it done? … [Read more…]

It Takes a Team

In every possible way, teams represent a core aspect of process excellence. That’s why we at FCB Partners talk about them so often. In our Process Redesign class we discuss the critical roles and actions of process improvement project teams. In Implementation and Execution we focus on the necessity of transition teams and how to … [Read more…]

Change Leaders in the News

It’s a tough time for change leaders in established businesses. There’s every reason for people in their organizations to stay the course. Most businesses are structured to reinforce the status quo:  Job descriptions, functional organizations, reporting relationships, budgets, and performance measures work together to focus time, attention, and resources. There’s little incentive to change. But … [Read more…]